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First published in 2014, this post holds the test of time (in my eyes)


2014-23-12--04-47-33The BBC recently presented a documentary about the magazine Tatler‘s, a monthly aimed at 150,000 subscribers considered as part of the British elite (or aspiring to be). The documentary tells us, among other things, that in these circles, one should not mourn the death of a loved one, but it is fashionable to shed tears when one’s dog dies. Tatler’s readers   will also accept the most outrageous behaviors, provided that one  does not wear the wrong shade of blue on Tuesdays.

More recently, the magazine informed its subscribers that they could wear the “Christmas jumper” provided they wear it  ironically”. I have noted how trendy the Christmas jumper is this year,  but must admit that I can not distinguish between those who just wear it, from those who wear it ironically. As for me, when I have found the perfect Christmas jumper,  I intend to wear it poetically. Have a good and poetic year !

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