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Sacred valley, Peru, October 2018, canon, Sylvie Ge

The following symptoms should be monitored:
a) your find the patient  lost in his own thoughts in a broken street;
b) the patient suffers from  long unexplained silences;
c) the patient shows a disproportionate satisfaction when finding  the right word;

All of the above clearly indicate the presence of a poetic syndrome, to be carefully watched !

In my room

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, September 2018, canon, Sylvie GE

One  can not go on the (long) journey that is  life without, on occasion,  going through turbulent times. Everyone reacts in their own way. For some, it’s about sharing their emotions with whoever wants to hear them, or whoever understands them, for others it’s about seizing the opportunity to transform one’s environment or career,  for others, it is time to fall back on oneself. I have noted  that as far as I’m concerned, in those times, I have only one desire: to return to myself (rightly or wrongly).