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Nerja, Andalusia, Spain, 2019, canon, Sylvie GE
A few days of sunshine by the sea, before going for a few days to Malaga (the birthplace of Picasso), before leaving for Morocco. As Charles Aznavour said, "it seems to me that misery would be less painful in the sun". There is no doubt that nights are warmer than elsewhere during the winter, but the beauty of the place and the mild climate can not entirely hide them,  the less affluent, who gather behind the supermarkets to find something to eat in the garbage.

Of course

walking by the Matai river in Nelson, May 2019, canon, Sylvie Ge

Of course  it is cold, we are in June:  merino, wool, cotton, etcetera, the usual paraphernalia of the mornings. Went out to warm  up. Still leaves, still flowers, blowing  on my frozen fingers ( little daisy in the shadow of the great  beauty)