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#4048 selfportrait*

I bought these three notebooks in the charity shops of Nelson. The smallest one is always in my bag. It is ideal for travel. It’s got everything in it: airbnb instructions, phone numbers, flight numbers, and poetry. The second is mostly used for poetry, interrupted by notes, new authors to explore, library references. The biggest one is my diary. I called it « The Shadow Diary. » I write frantically during some time and then nothing for weeks or months.

*inspired by Edouard Levé


Photo: kereru, Botanic Garden, Nelson

The conversation between my body and mind is often confrontational (more exercise, less exercise, more rest or more work, more reading, etc.) but, in general, I find it easy to agree with one or the other. For some time now, however, I have had more difficulty knowing which of the two should prevail and I wonder if these two will ever be able to agree and let me get on with my life. It should not be that difficult, though, the kereru at the botanical garden seems to know without even asking itself.

*always inspired by Edouard Levé