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#4052 bird of the century

People tend to believe that nothing is happening in New Zealand but this is a cliché that I intend to destroy with this article (and it will not be about the endless negotiations to form the new government, in fact, I find that for more than a month the country has been doing very well without the need for anyone at the helm).

However, every year, we are torn apart by the Bird of the Year contest: cheating, foreign interference, questionable competition (a bat won the contest a few years ago), anything goes. This year, although I have no idea why the bird contest, is not of the year, but of the century, we have suffered American interference in a shameful way through John Oliver, who had the audacity to nominate the puteketeke, a bird that has dual citizenship, New Zealand and Australian, and to appeal internationally for the puteketeke to win the award, which it did with 290,374 votes, followed by the brown kiwi of the North Island with 277,470 fewer votes. One of the disgruntled competitors, Cheeky the kea said: « This morning we have to accept defeat. This is not the outcome our community wanted, but it is important to rally behind our feathered friend the puteketeke. »