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  1. Having some pronoun issues. I used Google translate (sorry, it must sound like sacrilege to do that to poetry!) and got « he grabbed her arms. » But does it have to be « her » arms?

    1. Great question ! It could be either but Google, I think, uses a feminine when there is a masculine, as a default position, if I can put it this way. I prefer the ambiguitiy of the French language. Have a great weekend !

      1. Yes, the ambiguity adds a lot of depth.
        Thanks for the explanation about Google’s pronoun habits. When I saw that translation, it left me even more confused!

      2. And there is nothing wrong with using google in my view. It is only that one must be aware of its limitations. Have a great week-end Linnet 🙂

  2. I am no expert about google’s translations, It is a guess. But in English you do not have a choice, so I suppose that there must be some sort of default. It is unfortunate that one must make a choice, 🙂

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