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  1. Beautiful photo–turned into a powerful metaphor by the poem. It is so fortunate that humans can tap into creativity all the time. Are you freer in your travels? By that I mean seeing or struck by more because it’s new?

    1. I have been asking myself the same question lately. I could write a very long answer but try to keep it short. I think there may be an element of novelty that may have an effect on what or how I take a picture of. Sometimes, I take two photos in a row thinking the second one will be better because the frame is better but it is not. I took nice photos this year because I have been to beautiful places, there is not doubt about that, but my way of taking photos has changed too, I think. In a word, I think I have discovered imperfection. I used to look for the perfect photo and now I find that what sometimes « get in the way » may add to the composition. I am getting more ambitious, but struggle to bring myself to buy more and more equipment, as I want to keep my spontaneity. That moment in Ydra was very special.

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