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    1. I could not bring myself to use « scent » to talk about the « odeurs » of the sea, it felt too posh, despite the fact that I know that « smell » may have a negative connotation 🙂

      1. Interesting that difference; I don’t have a connotation of posh with scent. I will say the smell of the air and have it be good as much as scent would be. I remember once swimming in some large wave and thinking they smelled of scallops, which turned into ‘the scallop scented sea’ in an essay. Although, unless someone is offended by a particularly strong perfume, one almost never hears that a scent is offensive–but smells can still be wonderful (pie, thawing earth, sage). My original comment still stands. I was sitting on a rock near the falls of the Potomac and a particularly vigorous wave splashed near me. The smell or scent that rose threw me back to my childhood and the place I learned to swim–a rock-bottomed river where that water-on-rock-in-the-sun smell was commonplace.

      2. Thank you for that native speaker explanation, my experience of English will always be partial, incomplete. That impression I got about scent came from a scent (for a perfume ), and the use of smell in often negative context, but you are right it can also be very positive and it distracted me from the essence of your comment, which was much more interesting 🙂

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      3. Yes, I found your remarks quite interesting and realised that the reason I attach a more negative connotation to « smell » is because if you tell (or think if you are polite) « you smell », it has to be bad, unless you had « good », I am learning something everyday.

      4. There’s stink as well. In fact, I just realized I use that for bad smell more often than not, allowing smell to be more neutral in my usage.

      5. I think we’ve covered all the olfactive spectrum with those words, I’ll pay more attention to what people say in future.

  1. rythme et lumière… qui me touchent et me parlent…
    et puis certains souvenirs de la côté est américaine
    qui remontent… merci, et beau réveil à toi
    dans ton bout du monde

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