Stock take (2)

Painnt_Creation_2017-06-08_050431Wellington, May 2017, Canon digital, painnt, ©Sylvie G

…beside, I have tried to mistake myself about

the meanders of time

I sought

for a long time

to regulate the senses,

a little stupid, I know,

Do not overstep,

if I do, I will end in disgrace.

Surely it explains,

that I wake at a certain time,

and also fall asleep,

Do not overstep the structure,

never, ever.

Doing things at a certain time, etcetera,

it saved me sometimes,

and sometimes, it killed me.

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  1. This poem brought to mind for a short story by Robert Penn Warren called ‘Blackberry Winter.’ It is a mysterious story in some ways, about time and memory and the ways time shifts shape. This poem does that…

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