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  1. It is quite beautiful and the focus quite precise ^^, Sylvie; makes me recall the gardens of the K’oricancha (« the block or lot made of gold »), temple whose ruins maybe you visited when you traveled to Cuzco. The chronicles say the gardens where the sculptures of trees and animals were made of gold.

    1. « visiting » K’oricancha is too strong a word, but I had a glance at it in Cuzco. It took me a long time to get a photo of that very shy bird. I am struggling with my focus on the camera at the moment.

      1. Although I don’t like to fill your poems (visual and in words) with comments about technicalities I think I can make a suggestion, I think you have a compact point and shoot superzoom Canon camera, if so by default it comes with automatic Auto Focus, your camera chooses what it thinks you want to photograph. To force compact cameras you have to select « Program Mode (P) » and once there in settings select « Focus » (or « focus area ») to « Spot Focus, » and, only in program mode, it will force the camera to focus in the central point, so the decision to what will be focused will be yous. Hope it helps you, as once you set it to Spot Focus it will be remembered in Program Mode, it helps me a lot when I use my compact camera to photograph birds and animals as this dog that could have run away (I used the watercolor effect) http://i.prntscr.com/B2TlBE94QOO7q9J1yYjOcQ.png

      2. Thank you Francis. I am not very technical. I have a canon 80d. I do not use the automatic function. I’ ll see if I can do what you are suggesting.
        I’ll let you know if it works.
        Many thanks for your suggestion 🙂

  2. Merveilleuse prise de vue!
    Je n’ai pas traduit ce que te dit Francis mais, pour ma part, j’aime ta photo telle que tu la publies car le mimétisme est fascinant
    Merci à Domi pour le nom de ce bel oiseau

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