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  1. et encore une fois, il est aussi question de fenêtre et de ‘feuille aaaaage’ dedans….chez moi 🙂
    c’est trop fort, ces quasi ‘similitudes’ qui se ‘répondent’ dans nos entrées ( et aussi souvent 🙂 ) alors qu’on vit si loin l’une de l’autre, MC!
    moi ça m’éclate et me fascine! 😉

    1. Hopefully, newspapers will be fashionable again one day (like long players). As much as I like the virtual world, and appreciate the freedom it gives, I still appreciate reading books and newspapers in a library :). Sitting in a space amongst other readers is a unique experience 🙂

      1. Very true. It’s communal in a way that being on a computer is not! And then there’s the scent and feel of the paper 🙂

    1. Hello Derrick. I am terribly honoured and flattered to have been nominated for such an award. The thought that I may , from time to time, bring something to anybody’s morning is humbling and moves me deeply. I expected very little from this blog, in fact, but am amazed everyday by my fellow bloggers’ visits and reactions, as well as I am by what my fellow bloggers bring with generosity to the blogosphere. I have to say, however, that as much honoured as I am by your nomination, I made the decision, some time ago, to be an award-free blog, for not other reason that I am just very happy to share. If I were to be awarded something though, the « Sunshine award » would definitely be the one I would be the most proud of. I’ll be happy to keep this nomination between you and me and will cherish it (a little selfishly). Many thanks Derrick, I enjoy your « rambling » every day 🙂

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