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  1. 29 years old. Old cemeteries always make one realize how hard life was (and still is in some parts of the world). Illness for this young woman (it was winter)? Childbirth? Who knows. Haunting photo–and it doesn’t need words to get us all thinking.

    1. Yes, one’s mind goes racing (at least mind did) thinking about how life was in those days and the unfairness of it all. All of that on a little wooden cross. I think the modesty of the tribute was also part of the emotion.

    1. Yes, and « modest » is more correct than « humbleness », I think I have just created. As French speakers, however, we are always told that English is so flexible and creative as compared to French, and I could not resist 🙂

      1. « Humbleness » is good too. To my ear it works better than « humility » which sounds like what a person has, while « humbleness » can be attributed to an object.

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