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  1. Oui ? Est-ce certain ? Elle a besoin de quelque liberté, la pensée. Être entièrement contrainte ne lui plaît ne lui réussit toujours. Ne pensez-vous pas ?

      1. oui, je sais, j’en aime d’ailleurs les échos que l’on en trouve ici…sourire…douce journée quand ce sera l’heure, sylvie

  2. I see you had a bit of disagreement, but I think a happy life needs a certain amount of focused discipline, perhaps not in thought but in the way one thinks, which is perhaps what you are saying here. The photo looks like an endless summer. Again, that light you capture.

    1. I like to have both in my life, and at the moment I think I need more focus, as you put it, but it is true, that it is too often quite the opposite. Yes there is still quite a lot of light, but I can see what is going on in the background (and it is not spring like).

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