Change to the blog

From Wednesday on, the two sides (French and English) will be merged in one blog The posts will be published at the same time (one post in French, one post in English). Those who are already following the two sides will be able to access the two versions in one click. will not be updated from August on.

My poetry is always written in French first. My approach to translating has changed over the years. These days, I increasingly try to let the English version find its own voice, which means that some nuances may vary or disappear from one language to another. It also happens more and more often that the English translation makes me see the French version from a different angle and brings changes.


Poetically yours

Sylvie G

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  1. This will be interesting! The two side by side. What made you decide to combine? Just the fact of running two sites, or the exchange between the English and the French in translation?

    1. The English side has been living in the shadow of the French side. I seem to have been unable to convey the existence of the English side. Besides, the risk or error (wrong day, wrong date, wrong side, amongst others) is smaller. The exchange between the two languages will be a bonus.

  2. Certainly I felt the English side (I tried to found it before) a bit like a private place and the French side like the populous one. A appreciate this format as I feel your poetry in English was not just a translation but it has its own music in itself. : )

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