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On the beach*

Tahunanui, Nelson, 2018, canon, Sylvie Ge

Mixed with yellow and black, the wrinkles of the white sand stretch out in the desert of the low tide, veiled with your long wings. You are probably  looking for mussels, a crust of bread or forgotten French fries,  but I like to imagine  you’re philosophizing about your destiny.

* published a first time in April 2018, reviewed and modified in April 2019

A la Plage*

Tahunanui, Nelson, Nouvelle-Zealande, 2018, canon, Sylvie Ge

Mêlées de jaune et de noir, les rides du sable blanc s’étendent dans le désert de la marée basse, voilée de ton aile longue. Tu cherches sans doute des moules,  une croûte de pain ou des frites oubliées, mais j’aime croire que tu philosophes sur ton destin.

*publié en avril 2018, revu et corrigé en avril 2019

I like it

Tenby, North Beach,  December 2018, canon, Sylvie Ge

I wanted  this post to be entitled  « 50 shades of gray », but I resisted the temptation, although that’s what I said to myself when I saw this sky. Who said that gray is sad? I like this intense landscape that leaves no room to think about anything else. A kind of visual meditation,  a  mindfulness exercise  without the effort (my kind of thing). I only have to watch.
The other day, it was the wind that had the same effect. The waves crashed furiously against the stone walls, the wind blew with a force that I had never seen before, so strong that it took up all the space. I even had to hang on to a fence at a certain moment, because I was afraid I would be blown away, but I could not resist  admiring the sight of the  crashing waves. I returned from my journey, elated,  my head full of thoughts and fresh air.