Somewhere between Nelson and Santiago de Chile


On the way to the great 2018  adventure! This year, my life partner (the Welsh man, from now on TWM) has  accepted  to be mentioned in the blog. It was he who prepared most of the itinerary, it is a trip he has been dreaming about for many years. TWM loves airports (!), he always tells me on  which side to sit  for the best view and hates travellers trying to make their way up in the queue (and says it sometimes loudly). Our first stop, very short, is in Santiago de Chile, before our departure for the Atacama desert, unique, we are told. There are some prepared articles that will follow in the next few days. I will post postcards, my travel books and poetry inspired by the places visited, depending on the vagaries  of the internet.

I leave you with a quote from Sam Hunt, a New Zealand poet I like a lot :

Tell me what I won’t know tomorrow


Poetically yours

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