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Lisboa, the clean city

Tram 28, Lisboa, November 2019, canon, Sylvie Ge
Tram 28 is the cheapest and most popular way to visit the city. For 3 euros, we cross the city in 1 hour 30 (we can make it both ways). The most difficult is to find a seat. A few days in Lisbon has reminded me of a time when cities lived more in harmony with their environment. On can still see traces of a more sustainable lifestyle with  tiles acting as air conditioning, electric trams, small neighborhoods like microcosms, where one lives as in a village, marble sidewalks that have not moved for centuries. Thank you Lisbon!


Lisboa tiles, November 2019, canon, Sylvie GE

I had preconceived images of Lisbon, full  ofcolours, like these beautiful tiles, found everywhere in the city. Yet, when you look at the city from one of the many viewpoints where you can admire the whole city, it is  white and  Marseilles tiles that are dominating. It is always interesting and strange to compare  images we have of a place and its reality (which has not disappointed me at all), to which we must adapt, in a way. The Portuguese of Lisbon are welcoming, the city is just big enough, clean, it feels safe, cafes abound and you can get lost for hours. LG and I, however, took two days to recover from the jetlag, after an extremely tiring journey (30 hours of flight and 10 hours of waiting in the airports of Auckland, Singapore and Barcelona).

Somewhere between Nelson and Lisbon

Between Nelson and= Auckland, Canon, Sylvie GE
Somewhere between Nelson and Lisbon via Auckland and Barcelona. Some articles are already online for the next few days, until the vagaries of  the internet allow me to put something online and respond to comments. I have not thought about the form of the posts  during this trip, just following theinspiration of the moment.
Poetically yours

You do not always get what you want (delayed trip)

blurred night colours, spoiled photo, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, canon, Sylvie GE
It's usually at this time of year that TWM and I make our annual trip. We had to change our plans this year, after my "surprise" surgery when we returned from Wales in early 2019 and a long convalescence, I did not know how long it would take me to get back on my feet, but there was also the Rugby World Cup (from mid-September to the beginning of November) for TWM, who did not want to miss anything. After a few months we made the decision to delay our trip until early November. We have modified our itinerary a bit, the trip will be slower (which suits me totally, but  less TWM). We will begin our journey in Lisbon, before going to Spain (I still want to improve my Spanish) and Morocco, before making a long stay in Canada from Christmas to the end of February. A lot of fun (and photos) in perspective! Another possibly good side effect is that I may be able to finish my novel before we leave.