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Nerja, Andalusia, Spain, 2019, canon, Sylvie GE
A few days of sunshine by the sea, before going for a few days to Malaga (the birthplace of Picasso), before leaving for Morocco. As Charles Aznavour said, "it seems to me that misery would be less painful in the sun". There is no doubt that nights are warmer than elsewhere during the winter, but the beauty of the place and the mild climate can not entirely hide them,  the less affluent, who gather behind the supermarkets to find something to eat in the garbage.

last evening in Sevilla

Santa Cruz, Sevilla, November 2019, canon, Sylvie GE

I had given up on  the idea of ​​seeing an authentic flamenco show, but  just before we left, a small bar in the neighbourhood (not recommended by tripadvisor, like that of the photo) has a poster about  a flamenco evening that seemed unpretentious. The evening was memorable! the audience was essentially from the neighbourhood   (we were the only tourists). We only saw the first part in songs and guitar and  I do not know if the artists who were there were virtuosos, but the audience did not fail to mark their appreciation with lots of  olés! The emotion was at the rendezvous again. I did not bring my camera. I could have taken some pictures with the phone, but I preferred to taste each moment of this evening, a little too short, but which will be part of some of my treasured moments in 2019.

Lisboa, the clean city

Tram 28, Lisboa, November 2019, canon, Sylvie Ge
Tram 28 is the cheapest and most popular way to visit the city. For 3 euros, we cross the city in 1 hour 30 (we can make it both ways). The most difficult is to find a seat. A few days in Lisbon has reminded me of a time when cities lived more in harmony with their environment. On can still see traces of a more sustainable lifestyle with  tiles acting as air conditioning, electric trams, small neighborhoods like microcosms, where one lives as in a village, marble sidewalks that have not moved for centuries. Thank you Lisbon!