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Essaouira, Morocco, December 2019,  Sylvie GE
Sometimes it would be three o'clock

and we would stop somewhere

basically a windowless cafe

and the old carpet would smell like dogs

dust would fill the air

and even the tea would be bad

then we would hit the road again

pedaling in the wind

a taste of blood in the mouth

mosquitoes on the teeth

memories would finally be tired

and we could go to bed
*first posted in March 2020, reviewed in March 2021


Sevilla, Spain, cathedral, November 2019, canon, Sylvie GE
TWM and I climbed to the top of this tower which is part of the Sevilla Cathedral, no gym needed today. You can see the whole city (rather grey on the day of our visit). Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, the Seville Cathedral, built over several centuries, has everything to impress the visitor. As for me, although I see the architectural splendor of the place, I feel crushed by it. I prefer to get lost in the streets of the old town, to smell the tapas and to look at the magnificent Spanish craftsmanship in the shop windows. I have never seen so many cafes, bars and restaurants as in Seville. Life is mostly outside despite the cold. There will  be some "tapas" stops and some glasses of Spanish wine in the coming days.

Lisboa, the clean city

Tram 28, Lisboa, November 2019, canon, Sylvie Ge
Tram 28 is the cheapest and most popular way to visit the city. For 3 euros, we cross the city in 1 hour 30 (we can make it both ways). The most difficult is to find a seat. A few days in Lisbon has reminded me of a time when cities lived more in harmony with their environment. On can still see traces of a more sustainable lifestyle with  tiles acting as air conditioning, electric trams, small neighborhoods like microcosms, where one lives as in a village, marble sidewalks that have not moved for centuries. Thank you Lisbon!