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course outline

Merzouga, Berber woman, 2018, Sylvie GE
Maybe I won't make it

I mean, finding the number of syllables

consistent with the end of a world.

And what about you?

Do you feel lighter

after opening the window and

getting some fresh air?

I will work tomorrow on my goals,

at the end of this course, students will be able to….

* first published in 2020, revised in August 2021


Merzouga, Morocco, desert, dunes, canon, December 2019, Sylvie GE

the light is passing by

the shadows are  changing

the sun is  going down

voices are whispering

something true

(or else it is a dream)

*posted for the first time in April 2020


Essaouira, Morocco, December 2019,  Sylvie GE
Sometimes it would be three o'clock

and we would stop somewhere

basically a windowless cafe

and the old carpet would smell like dogs

dust would fill the air

and even the tea would be bad

then we would hit the road again

pedaling in the wind

a taste of blood in the mouth

mosquitoes on the teeth

memories would finally be tired

and we could go to bed
*first posted in March 2020, reviewed in March 2021