Vignette : in spite of…


Ollantaytambo, sacred valley, Peru, October 2018, canon, © Sylvie Gé

Learning,  a little by chance, while walking in the Inca village of Ollantaytambo, that it is always possible to grow, whatever the circumstances or  places, while  looking at  a cactus standing triumphantly in the middle of a pile of stones.

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  1. Qosqollaqtamanta, Sylvie : )))(In Quechua it means « welcome to the City of Cuzco, Sylvie »
    I am afraid I have certain technical troubles, right now I am connecting me from a machine and well, I just entered to wish you a happy travel. If you have a free day perhaps you could visit the mountain of the seven colors (Vinicunca) as it doesn’t need the special touristic ticket. You can get in the Plaza de Armas offers to go there (it is very early in the morning, I’d love to go there) and in Puno city is a bit contaminated in my opinion (okay, quite contaminated xP) I recommend you to be take a little small and cheap car to Chucuito (it only takes 40 minutes at most) to have lunch there. It is quite cleaner and tranquil, you can eat in the plaza fish and food grow there and then visit Inca Uyo.
    Sorry for the long comment. Wishing you well, I love those cactus staring the street as the gossip of the neighborhood. n__n

    1. Thank you so much for the translation Francis. I still have a few posts but we have left already. Unfortunately we have not seen Vinicunca due to a little altitude sickness.we went to Puno and Lake Titicaca, yes contaminated but still very impressive and enjoyable thanks to a very passionate guide. I have to say I was very impressed with the knowledge of our guides (as well as their passion), and the organisation, which has been impeccable. Unfortunately we did not get to Chucuito but loved my time in Peru. Some photos will come later😊

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