libraries of the future (2)

spring in Nelson, October 2020, Sylvie GE

By pure  chance, this morning, I came across an article in Newsroom (NZ) entitled: « Wanted: a politician withe the  guts to halt a cultural scandal ». In this article we are told that after got rid of 60,000 books already, they will be sending 70,000 more books  on October 12 to the Lions club (I would love to live in Wellington at the moment). We do something similar here at the Nelson library. Near the exit, there is always a bin containing old books that the library is  happy to get rid of. The catch with the National library’s decision is that the Lions Club bin contains books by Marx, Mao, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Primo Levi, Virginia Woolf, etc. In fact, the National library intends to get rid of 625,000 books. Oh no ! wait! they  are not going to get rid of the books, they are going to « rehome » them (silly me).

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  1. Oh man. And I bet they have 20 copies of the latest bodice ripper. This reminds me of the time I went into a Barnes and Noble and found the poetry section had been taken over by vampire novels. Poetry had been reduced to about 24 shelf feet. I can’t remember what they called the vampire novels…teenage paranormal something. I had to ask what it meant.

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