Light (1)

Nelson Cathedral, Light festival , TE Ramaroa2021, Sylvie GE
The Light festival, Te Ramaroa, takes in Nelson this year, after being canceled in 2020, due to the pandemic. I didn't find any particular theme in it and, around the Cathedral, cowgirls rub shoulders with jellyfish, illuminated arrows going in all directions, children walking with illuminated fish on their heads. I believe the message was to get anything that could make light out of Nelson's attics. Despite the somewhat chaotic feeling it had on the first night, the occasion seemed to have brought Nelsonians out despite the cold weather. The atmosphere was festive and it gave me the opportunity to take pictures at night (not easy).

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  1. Quite an achievement, Sylvie. I thought it was a light painting. At night usually one needs a long exposure and a tripod or some support, or increasing the iso quite much, or, as I think you did, using the flash which in this case looks quite nice as all is full of color. Sometimes the difficulty is the focus in low light, in that case is better to use manual focus. Happy things are getting back to normal and nights have color too : )

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