my favourite flower

Nelson, cathedral garden, August 2021, Sylvie GE
Two years ago we joined a group to visit Morocco, it seemed easier to travel long distances and I felt less comfortable renting airbnbs over there. Our group proved to be disparate and our differences in taste became evident when it came to choosing music for the long drives. After some emotional discussions about what was good or bad music, one of us suggested we made a list made up of our favorite songs/singers. I hadn't followed the discussion much and when our traveling companion asked me what my favorite song/singer was, I was speechless. I had to ask him to give me a few minutes because I couldn't find a single name (well yes, the first name that came to my mind was Maria Callas, but I thought to myself that I couldn't do that to them). When he came back to me a few minutes later, I still had not found a title or a name and I had to go for (Maria Callas), which probably did not make our companions very happy. Then I thought to myself that if someone asked me what my favorite color,  flower, food was, I wouldn't have known what to say either. Right now I like shades of green, but other times I like yellow and I went through a pink moment, in short, I have no singer, no color, no flower, no favorite food. It depends on the day, on my mood, on the moment. I like some colors on the walls and some for my clothes and others, depending on the season, some on someone else but not for me. I liked red a lot for a while, but less so now. I like some dishes in the summer and some in the winter, but my tastes are constantly changing. I love the smell of some flowers, but I think I love flowers of all colors. Today I very much like the flower I captured on my camera near the cathedral, but tomorrow, it will be different. So I am fascinated to see someone being able to answer without hesitation when asked what  their favorite color / song / dish / animal / cake are,  because as far as I'm concerned, this question seems to have the sole effect of plunging me into some sort of no man's land,  from which I find it difficult to emerge.

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  1. I have the same issue. Mostly it comes up on those security questions. I can never choose the ones that ask for favorites and have to stay factual. Favorite singer? Favorite book? You have to be kidding!

    1. I am glad I am not aline in this. In fact I am still anxious at the thought I could be asked again about my favourite song. I just need to plan an answer but somehow it just empties my head.

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