Near the cathedral in Nelson, winter 2021, Sylvie GE
Worker. They are called the "tradies" in New Zealand, skilled workers who often own a white van where they put all the tools they need. Last week, one of them came to install a heat pump to put an end to the cold in the apartment, a great joy for me, but I was afraid of the interruption (well established in my habits). So he arrived early in the morning and got to work. He had to make a hole in the concrete wall first. A few minutes later, a round hole appeared in the wall. He came to see the result, inside and couldn't suppress a big smile at the sight of a job well done. It gave me joy for several days to see someone who has been doing their job for twenty-five years and who still enjoys the same pleasure in seeing a job well done. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have rarely seen the same thing in my 20-year career at university.

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