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I tend to prefer autumn to spring, but this year spring has brought me more  joy than usual. I notice the explosion of colours in the trees, the gardens and  the soft green of the new leaves. What I look forward to, however, every year is the arrival of the ducklings at the botanical garden and in the Matai River. A few weeks before they arrive, you know that something is going on when you see the ducks perched in the trees making a lot  of noise in what looks like domestic disputes. Then I finally see them, most of the time with  a babysitter, there were at least a dozen of them this year, each one cuter than the last. I keep a close eye on their progress by going to the botanical garden. But they grow too fast and I’ve found with  dismay a few days ago that the cute little ducklings were already on the verge of clumsy adolescence,  losing their pretty fluffy feathers and looking more and more like adults. Upon closer inspection, I  however realized that there was actually a wide variety in the ducklings’ growth, from the cutest (photo) to almost adult, so I will be able to enjoy the little fluffy balls a little longer.

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  1. I’ve had the same experience with autumn this year, which has been gorgeous in a « how can we stand so much beauty » sort of way. Ducklings are so cute and ducks such bad parents that it’s amazing any make it to adolescence…But they do, thank goodness!

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