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#3074 goodbye Pohara

The stay was already pleasant, and I did not expect more swimming almost every day, long walks, photos  or the Dada Manifesto cafe, but on our penultimate evening, we were told we would get a sky full of aurora Australis. Actually I didn’t know this, but the place where we were staying   in Pohara enjoyed a very nice view of the sea and in the evening (that evening in particular) my camera caught a beautiful sky full of  pink (that I had to edit because of the grainy texture), with a beautiful, bright moon and the Southern Cross. I was even able later on to see the moon in a very dark sky projecting its bright light on the sea, which I had never seen before.

The rooster and me*

Upper Moutere seems the perfect place for a rooster, January 2021, Sylvie GE

I live in a small town of around 50,000 inhabitants, it is small but but it is  a town nonetheless! And roosters are forbidden to live here: chickens, yes, but not roosters (I know because I went to check the regulations of the municipality)! However, for a few weeks now a rooster has been visiting the neighborhood. Our relationship didn’t start off on the right foot, when he came under my window. After checking with the municipality, I wondered for a few days what could cross the mind of the person who felt the need to get a rooster. Then it calmed down and I thought maybe the rooster was just visiting and had now returned home to the countryside (like in the photo). Then he came back and I found out it was a stray rooster, roaming around the neighborhood, which is why he doesn’t wake me up every day. I had for some time  all sorts of of thoughts that I’m ashamed of now, but now  I am starting  to find compelling the way  he screamed as soon as he catches  sight of the first light of day. I let myself be won over by his enthusiasm which remains intact, day after day, for the new day which begins. I even tried to write a haiku about that rooster (still working on it). Obviously, I will ask the municipality to relocate the intruder, but maybe not today. Maybe tomorrow, or next week.

*posted for the first time in January 2020