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      1. Ah, kia ora, my friend (but no, you are not maori, are you?) 😀
        I really, really, really, wanted to settle down with my friends there. But then you don’t need more Indians there 😀
        I had good friends down in Whangarei Bay (and I lost those too, says much about me if I could offend any NZ person 🙁 )

  1. Il y a aussi un Ruisseau Puant au province de Québec, Canada, a Doubtful Lake in the state of Washington, and a city of Hope in the state of Arkansas, USA (where president Clinton grew up).

  2. comme laurence je suis plussss riche d’un mot et j’adore qd le mot ‘vallée’ change de genre en devenant ‘ruisseau’: *vallée* est ‘androgyne’, extra! 🙂
    que c’est beau, MC! Mmmmmmmmm……..quel plaisir!

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