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  1. The tone in French is more elegiac and wistful than in English, I think. The photo matches beautifully, a burst of color, but also the feeling of distance and ending. Is that a kite?

    1. I am glad you felt what I felt. It is true that replacing the French preposition with an article in English and a possessive in the last line breaks the flow, and although rhymes are not required in a haiku, in this particular one, in French, it acts as a kind of cement, and I was unable to reproduce it in English.This is windsurfing gear (yes, they fly in the sky above the water)

      1. Very hard work. Windsurfers are very muscular. It involves packing and unpacking gears and making it work (not for me, too much effort to have my exercise done) on the water, disentangling the ropes, and so on and so forth.

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