Hygge in Tenby


North Beach after the rain, Tenby, November 2018, ©Sylvie Gé

The bags have been put down, it’s time to dive into  hygge (a word I do not know how to pronounce) in Tenby, in front of the window, rain or shine (these days, it mostly rains), in warm socks. It’s time to enjoy the beauty of Wales. The camera is resting, but I’m already thinking about the possibilities in the harbour, how can I shoot  gulls in different ways, and other treasures of the area: Penally, Saundersfoot, Narbeth, Laughharne. It is also time to digest all the distance covered in recent weeks, to meditate on the many images that inspired me during the  South American adventure. I will bring them out over the next few  weeks and months, depending on the moment or nostalgia that will inhabit me.

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  1. Hmmmm. I was going to misinform you and say Higgah, but Derrick has found instructions for Hue-gah. the light in that photo, hitting the water and sand underneath around the pier, is just amazing.

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