Erosion and rainbows


On my way to Penally, Wales, December 2018, canon, ©Sylvie Gé

Back in Tenby after two years of absence, many things have not changed, which is both a relief and a source of amazement. The two (!) card merchants are still here, as well as  the three or four (!!!) sweet merchants as well. The gulls are still enormous and cheeky. Houses of all colours are still here, although some of them seem neglected. It is colder this year and it rains more often. I miss the sun a bit, but the good thing is that rainbows abound. Erosion means there is less sand on the south beach (and more pebbles). Climate change? There seems to be more plastic on the beach, or maybe I notice it more. Some things change and others don’t. Sometimes I like it when things change,  but when I go to Tenby, I prefer that they do not change.

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