#3018silly season

I read a lot of articles about overconsumption, the environment, fast-fashion, the future of the planet and I can  feel a desire to change things in an abstract way. That being said, with the holidays approaching, despite all the recipes for an environmentally-sustainable or modest Christmas meal  making headlines, a reminder that charity shops are full of goods that would be glad to extend their life, that interest rates will continue to rise next year and thus endanger buyers who have gone to the limits of their means, the statistics tell us that we are spending more and more. It makes me want to go spend Christmas in a desert. There are none nearby, so this year it will be the beach.

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  1. Articles exaggerate reality in order to get headlines, and even if they were true there is not much help from depressing the readers instead of giving solutions. Even worse there is some guilt pushed into Western readers while promoting high production in third world countries. In any case I hope you are having a nice time, Sylvie : )

    1. I will switch off, dear Francis, from the exaggerated headlines and go to the beach. As for the solutions, I sometimes find them depressing too when, for example, a big bank, which has used covid to increase its profits, dare giving people tips about how to save on the grocery bill or the Christmas dinner .

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