Dylan Thomas’s country

_mg_2908_1-2A stay in Tenby seems incomplete if it does not include a visit (a pilgrimage might be a fairer term) to the country of Dylan Thomas, Laugharne, where he lived and wrote for a significant part of his life. Everything contributes in Thomas’s magic, the winding road leading to it, the peninsula, the Norman castle, the house where Dylan lived, the little boathouse where Thomas wrote (photo), or the pub where he spent perhaps a little too much time. This time, I wanted to visit him at the cemetery (where he is buried near his wife Caitlin), his grave marked with a simple white wooden cross (I expected nothing less from him). I am reassured to see that it still has a beautiful view of the hills. I then return to the boat shelter, which I had not been able to photograph last time because of the reflections. The visit of course must end at the pub with friends, where everything recalls his presence. I guess in the summer the place is invaded by visitors, but today it’s only us and a few local. A truly perfect and inspiring day.

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      1. I just realized that most years you travel from summer into winter. I don’t think I could do that and miss my summers. But you do stop in some tropical places and get a bit of warmth. I hope the rest of your time on vacation is good!

      2. The reason to go against the nice weather was to avoid high season in South America. Winter suits Tenby (probably would not like it in summer, too crowded), but I am now ready to get a little more sun.

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