#3021 silly season in the antipodes

I wrote this post in 2014, but somehow, I still find it makes an appropriate holiday season card on this unique day of the year.

I used to accompany it with a Christmas season jumper, but does not seeem appropriate to have this one in sunny Nelson.

I wrote this post in December 2014, accompanied by photos of themed sweaters taken at Peacock. This was my first visit to Tenby, but the  post (below) still seems relevant to me (with some edits). In the next few days I will post photos of our holiday season in this part of the world.

The BBC recently released a documentary about Tatler’s magazine, a monthly aimed at 150,000 subscribers (and those aspiring to join) from  the British elite. The docu teaches us, among other things, that in these circles, one should not mourn the death of a loved one, but that it is totally appropriate  to mourn the death of one’s dog. We should also  accept the most outrageous behavior, provided we do not wear the wrong shade of blue on Tuesdays. More recently, the magazine informed its subscribers that they could wear the « Christmas jumper », provided they wear it « ironically ». I  noted  a strong return of the said sweater in Tenby in 2014, but I must admit that I was unable to see the difference between  those  wearing  it ironically and the others. As for me, when I have found the theme that I can identify with, I promise to wear mine  poetically. Happy poetic holiday and  New Year!

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  1. Not sure if true but somehow I understand those suggestions, as ways to remember to do things purposely and not just by tradition, and to see life as something certainly important but not too serious to stop of enjoying it. Wishing you a great new year from the other side of the sillie season, Sylvie. It is almost an alliteration : )

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