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I find inspiration from different forms of poetry (White, haiku, Prynne ) and everyday life to feed this experimental blog. I have devoted my time to writing and poetry since 2015, after working as an academic at the University of Canterbury from1995. Photos are mine unless stated otherwise. Canon digital. Je m'inspire librement de differentes formes de poesie (White, haiku, Prynne) et du quotidien pour alimenter ce blog de poesie visuelle. Je me consacre maintenant entierement a l'ecriture, apres avoir quitte la vie universitaire (Universite de Canterbury) en 2015. Les photos sont les miennes, sauf indication contrary. canon digital

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Tahuna 2020, Sylvie GE
I learned to walk when I was one year old, I was told. Swimming at the age of seven. ditto for the bike. I saw a rice plant for the first time only a few years ago. All the deserts where I went have fascinated me. Since 2019, I live one day at a time.