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Urban foraging

feijoa, Nelson, April 2021, Sylvie GE
Since March 2020, it has been almost impossible to get out of New Zealand, so I have spent four seasons in Nelson, which is something that hasn't happened for some time. It has given me the opportunity to go around the neighbourhood in every season and made me realize the extent of nature's bounty (and that of my neighbours) in this part of the world. “Urban foraging” consists quite simply in picking what grows in cities, while respecting the etiquette, of course, that is to say, by not taking what does not belong to you, but picking what grows on public lands and, in Nelson's case, what neighbours have to give you. I started doing it out of curiosity at first. Every day there were feijoas at one of my  neighbours' door and one day just felt like  tasting them and picked a few. I added them to my morning smoothies and quickly got used to it. Later, around June,lemons  started popping up, then granny smith apples, rosemary, plums, grapefruit, pears, and more. So much so that I can sometimes go for weeks without buying a single fruit. Not all neighbours share their harvest. I wish a neighbour with an avocado tree that produced hundreds of fruits had shared his harvest, but he seems to have eaten them all. I saw nectarines and peaches in a few gardens, but these fruits did not end up in my basket, nor the figs, moreover, well protected by nets, officially to prevent birds from eating them, but maybe - also to prevent neighbours from helping themselves in passing. Regardless, this new activity has enriched my morning walks and made me appreciate Nelson's climate.