Of fences and territory


Tadoussac, Quebec, October 2017, canon digital, ©Sylvie G

I react in different ways to fences. They sometimes remind me of prisons, or they seem to be devoted to hide and cut off from the rest of the world the people who have built them. But this one, a reproduction inspired by the trading post erected at the beginning of the 17th Century in Tadoussac, reassures me. Hastily built, without too much attention paid to its aesthetics, almost fragile and laughable in its desire to protect the people behind it, seems to serve more as a marker of territory.

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  1. Makes me think in wabi-sabi. That Japanese thought of aesthetic that teaches we can find, and make, beauty in the imperfections. More than a fence it is a lovely screen that translates very well into your photography.

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