Nous irons a Valparaiso


Valparaiso, Chili, September 2018, canon, ©Sylvie Gé
I had that old folk song in mind Nous irons a Valparaiso when I arrived in Valparaiso (paradise valley). I never thought I would come here one day. I was in love with the city even before I arrived since Valparaiso is a port town.


Totally dishevelled, as Pablo Neruda famously said, the wall art is also famous :




as well as its  quirky architecture, inspired by different waves of immigration (mostly Italian and British) and the difficulties of the landscape.

_MG_9595edit _MG_9598edit

There is even an old station, allegedly built by Eiffel himself !


Valparaiso is without a doubt our favourite place in Chile, right after the Atacama desert.

10 réflexions sur « Nous irons a Valparaiso »

      1. In that case I wish you a safe and happy travel to Peru, Sylvie. I know the type of travel you choose has a busy and fast schedule but If you need information or something I can help you with when you come don’t forget you have here a person happy to lend you a hand. It will be beautiful to see the landscapes I know through your poems as it will be like discover a world I didn’t know. Bon vent! : )

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      2. Thank you so much dear Francis for your generosity and ki d words, which I always appreciate. This will be my first contact with Peru and therefore will focus on the fundamentals, the intrinsic SA culture and the treasures of the past. In twelve days I do not think k I can go deeper, but

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      3. I can go deeper, but your advice is always welcome. We have 2 free days in Cusco, one free day in the sacred valley and maybe half a day in Puno. Any advice is welcome (no car), but I do not want to take too much of your time either, which is also precious I am sure.😊

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