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I like it

Tenby, North Beach,  December 2018, canon, Sylvie Ge

I wanted  this post to be entitled  « 50 shades of gray », but I resisted the temptation, although that’s what I said to myself when I saw this sky. Who said that gray is sad? I like this intense landscape that leaves no room to think about anything else. A kind of visual meditation,  a  mindfulness exercise  without the effort (my kind of thing). I only have to watch.
The other day, it was the wind that had the same effect. The waves crashed furiously against the stone walls, the wind blew with a force that I had never seen before, so strong that it took up all the space. I even had to hang on to a fence at a certain moment, because I was afraid I would be blown away, but I could not resist  admiring the sight of the  crashing waves. I returned from my journey, elated,  my head full of thoughts and fresh air.