Ernest Heminghway, La Habana and rum

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La Habana, Cuba, January 2018, canon digital, ©Sylvie G
I read only one book by Ernest Heminghway, The Old Man and the Sea, when I was very young, but this book has left a mark on me. Heminghway’s « iceberg » style is part of my quest for simplicity when I  write prose or poetry. I did not know much about him when I was in La Habana, but I could not miss the mention of his name in many places, including the Ambos Mundos hotel, where he lived in the thirties ( he lived in Cuba for about twenty years). It inspired me to read more about this tragic author: four marriages, a lot of alcohol, physical and psychological suffering, he is part of a family where suicide was passed from generation to generation and himself committed suicide at the age of sixty-one. But this Nobel Prize winner has left his style as a legacy. I think of all this when  passing  by the hotel, which is beautiful. The bar on the ground floor is inviting, but the only place I did not like at all to Habana: not only there was  no more coffee,  tea or  local beer (which  can be forgiven), but it was also the only place where the two musicians were not at all up to the standards and not at all nice,  the opposite of what I experienced elsewhere  in La Habana. Then I tried the Floridita, Heminghway’s favorite bar, but the excellent music was too loud and there were really too many people.

But most of all, I was  at the end of my journey in the Caribbean and I still had not had any rum, which is everywhere in the region and  very cheap. Even in Martinique, where  the best rum of the Caribbean is found (according to the « taximan » and an Italian sommelière met on the ferry between Martinique and Saint Lucia), I was content to smell it in a glass without really wanting to drink it. But at La Habana, it seemed appropriate to drink  rum, as long as it was the same as the one Hemighway had. In an anonymous bar, the list of daiquiris was long, the bartender told me Hemingway drank rum and ice, confidently.
I woke up the next day (well, not really, I spent the day in bed)  with a huge headache, with the satisfaction to have tried rum (for the first and the last time), the same as Hemingway (well, maybe). 

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  1. It’s a small book, but it packs a punch about life and work. I have never been a fan of Hemingway’s writing, but perhaps its time to revisit it. Things can be different with experience. As for rum, I suppose it’s best mixed with something…

    1. I like the way he suggests that the writing is the tip of the iceberg that « hides » the majority of it. But I suppose one needs a lot of talent to be able to evoke what is underneath. But I also read that people either loves it or hates it. As for rum, it may be better mixed with something else, but I’ll never know, I swear I will NEVER have that drink again.

  2. Is strange, a good rum besides the quality of its taste has not to leave headaches the next day. Sadly important places that are used for tourism get deprived of their original soul and at best are a reference. I guess Hemingway is in a purer way in his books (that I should read /n\)

    1. I think that drinks high in alcohol do not agree with me(but wine is fine). You are right, places are just a reference for books we read but it was nice to imagine Heminghway wandering in the streets.Thank you for stopping by dear Francis.

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